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Michael T. Flynn

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/* Lobbying for a NATO ally */
[[Peter Strzok]] of the FBI was dispatched to interview Flynn. At first Flynn claimed he had written the op-ed himself, and later admitted he received help. For this, Special Counsel [[Robert Mueller]] charged Flynn with unregistered lobbying and lying to the FBI.
[[Fake news]] accounts and illegal [[leak]]s from the Obama administration and [[Mueller office]] attempted to frame the charges as Flynn engaging in unregistered lobbying for [[Russia]], when in fact Flynn was lobbying for a longtime NATO ally whom the Obama administration and [[Neoconservatism|neocons]] were seeking to undermine on behalf of the Gulf monarchies. Robert The Mueller prosecution team was finally forced in a judicial hearing to admit that Flynn's actions were not "treasonous" and his unregistered lobbying ended well before he entered the [[White House]].
Flynn's name was unmasked by [[Susan Rice]], then illegally leaked to the ''Washington Post'', likely by FBI Dep. Dir. [[Andrew McCabe]].<ref></ref>
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