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Vladimir Putin

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===Political career===
[[File:V Putin.jpg|thumb|200px]]
Putin is mainly backed by the [[United Russia]] (''Единая Россия'') party, which currently holds a majority in the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, known as the ''Duma''. The party usually reflects the political views of Putin, which are that of authoritarian statism and [[nationalism]]. On March 14, 2004, he was elected to a second term as president with 71% of the vote. Barred from a third consecutive term by the Russian constitution, Putin ceded the presidency to [[Dmitry Medvedev]] on May 7, 2008, and became Prime Minister, at the time -sharing power with the more moderate Medvedev. Medvedev did not run for a second term, and, as a result, Putin was re-elected in 2012.Putin was again re-elected in 2018, facing little real opposition. After his 2018 victory, Putin's approval ratings fell significantly due to public disapproval of some of his domestic policies.<ref>Bennetts, Marc (August 12, 2019). [ Putin's political milestone marred by plummeting polls, massive protests]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved August 12, 2019.</ref>
==Political views==
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