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Justice Democrats

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*[[Stephanie Murphy]]
*[[Lacy Clay]]
According to ''Politico'', Shahid is the one credited with focusing Justice Democrats’ efforts on Ocasio-Cortez's congressional race against incumbent Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley. Shahid also offered one of the earliest responses in support of Minnesota Rep. [[Ilhan Omar]]’s “all about the Benjamins” comment about the [[American Israel Public Affairs Committee]] that set off a media firestorm. His Twitter feed is replete with retweets of the [[Sunrise Movement]]’s posts. Sunrise-endorsed candidates (all Democrats) have won five seats in the Pennsylvania legislature and three more in the New York state Senate. It also has five endorsed candidates that won U.S. House seats, including all members of “[[The Squad]].”
==See also==
*[[Left Inside/Outside Project]]
*[[New Consensus]]
*[[Single party control]]
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