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Vladimir Lenin

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{{Cquote|A wide campaign of "education" was undertaken to show the people why "workers' rule" meant, in practice, [[Nomenklatura|managers]]' rule. Where necessary, the education by the word was supplemented with education by [[firing squad]] or [[concentration camp]] or forced labour battalion.<ref>James Burnham, ''The Managerial Revolution'', (1940).</ref> }}
In 1918 Lenin ordered to kill all prostitutes.<ref></ref> One of his more infamous orders was the 1918 Hanging Order where he ordered the Cheka in Penza to find and publicly hang at least 100 kulaks, and derogatorily referred to them as "bloodsuckers".<ref>Translation of 'hanging order' by Robert Service, p. 365, ''Lenin a Biography'' (2000). London: Macmillan </ref>
==Mass murderer==
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