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Ségolène Royal

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[[Image:Segolene royal.jpg|thumb|Ségolène Royal]]
'''Marie-Ségolène Royal''' (born 22 September 1953 in Dakar, [[Senegal]]) is was the [[Socialist]] candidate for the 2007 French presidential election. In the first round of voting for that election, on April 22May 6, 2007, Royal received 25.9% of votes to qualify for the second round to face [[Nicolas Sarkozy]]won the French presidential election. The socialist Ségolène Royal conceded defeat, who received 31.2by a 53-47%margin. Either Royal or Sarkozy will be elected the next President on May 6.
Royal is good-looking, ever-smiling, impeccably dressed and typically French. Her father Jacques Royal, is a Catholic, conservative French army colonel. Royal attended the prestigious Ecole Nationale d'Administration. She has also a Degree in Economics, Graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris. At the Ecole Nationale she met François Hollande, the leader of the Socialist Party and father of her four children. Both collaborated with the staff of Socialist President François Mitterrand.
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