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FIFA World Cup

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didn't age well, since the "truly christian" us didn't qualify along with widely expected to qualify Italy who were beaten by Sweden SWEDEN
==Dominance by Christian Nations==
It is notable that strongly Christian nations have won every World Cup. Muslim teams, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, have all failed at various world cups. It is also noticeable that as nations Christian ways have diminished, like Brazil's increasing acceptance of gay marriage, their performance has suffered also. In fact, Brazil have been the favorites for two of the last three tournaments and failed both times, while the truly Christian US have improved and other Christian nations have followed.
Another case in point is Spain, who were knocked out in 2006, were only able to win in 2010 after losing 1-0 in the first match and only winning by a goal in each of their four knockout matches and were beaten easily in the group stages in 2014.