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Unintended pregnancy

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[[Abortion]] promoters tend to appeal to women who regard carrying a child to term as the undesirable and unhappy outcome of an unintended pregnancy. Often these promoters (e.g. [[Planned Parenthood]]) will use the alternate term '''unplanned pregnancy''' to imply that pregnancies will turn out worse when they are surprises, since "smart" or "accomplished" people try to plan out their lives. This reasoning fallaciously ignores that God gives life many surprises, both as gifts, or vocations, or tests of our faith, and the true accomplishments are what we can do with these surprises.
In the United States, about 49 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S were unintended in 2006 according to the CDC.<ref></ref> That number fell to 45% in 2011.<ref></ref> Abortion promoters often argue that contraceptives, many of which murder an unborn child, are necessary to prevent unplanned pregnancies.
[[Pro-life]] advocates are more likely to recognize the new life created as a gift from God rather than a punishment even if its [[conception]] was unintentional or unplanned. They know that pregnancy is always planned, as part of God's Plan.
[[Barack Hussein Obama]] is an abortion promoter. Speaking of his daughters, he characterized them having an unintended pregnancy, "If they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby."
The United States has the highest number of unintended pregnancies, about 49 percent of of all pregnancies in the U.S are unintended according to the CDC.<ref></ref>
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