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Jeff Flake

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|name=Jeff Flake
|spouse=Cheryl Flake
|religion=The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
|terms=January 3, 2013 -
|preceded=[[Jon Kyl]]
|terms=January 3, 2003 – January 3, 2013
|preceded=[[J. D. Hayworth]]
|succeeded=[[David Schweikert]]
|terms=January 3, 2001 – January 3, 2003
|preceded=[[Matt Salmon]]
|succeeded=[[Rick Renzi]]
'''Jeffrey Lane Flake''' (born December 31, 1962) is a retiring [[Republican]] [[United States Senator]] from [[Arizona]], winning election to the Senate in 2012, after serving as a [[United States Representative]] from 2001 until 2013. After repeatedly opposing [[Donald Trump]] throughout the presidential campaign and even after he was elected president, Flake became unelectable and at an age of only 54 Flake announced his retirement from the U.S. Senate rather than lose in a landslide for re-election. Flake did not vote for Trump in the 2016 election<ref>Manchester, Julia (October 25, 2017). [ Flake: ‘I didn’t vote for this president last November’]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved October 25, 2017.</ref><ref>Poor, Jeff (October 25, 2017). [ Flake: ‘I Didn’t Vote for This President Last November’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved October 25, 2017.</ref> and indicated that he would prefer to see left-wing Democrat [[Hillary Clinton]] as president over Trump, a right-wing conservative.<ref>Giaritelli, Anna (October 25, 2017). [ Jeff Flake dodges when asked if he wishes Hillary Clinton were president]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved October 25, 2017.</ref>
Flake courted support by the [[Koch brothers]] who, like Flake, are very [[anti-Trump]]. However, apparently the Kochs decided to cut their own losses by declining to fund futile efforts to reelect Flake.
He is a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ([[Mormon]]s). He has been pro-immigration. Early in his career, before shifting to the political Left, he was [[conservative]] on other issues, as one of only eight Representatives in 2006 to receive a 100% rating from the [[American Conservative Union]].<ref></ref> He is especially outspoken regarding the burden of [[earmark]]s on the taxpaying public. However, he has broken from many in his party on the issue of the [[Iraq War]]. In 2012, Jeff Flake was elected to the Senate seat of [[Jon Kyl]].
When Flake first campaigned for Congress, he promised to limit himself to only serving three terms (six years). In early 2005, Flake announced that he was no longer going to retire after three terms and announced that he would seek re-election in 2006. Flake was re-elected in 2006 after his Democratic opponent was struck from the ballot for failure to have sufficient valid signatures on his nominating petition.
==RINO positions==
Flake takes numerous positions which qualify him as a [[RINO]]. These positions include his support for homosexuals serving in the military and giving amnesty to illegal immigrants.<ref></ref> Flake stated in 2017 that he regretted opposing the Wall Street bank bailouts in 2008 that conservatives opposed.<ref>Moran, Sean (August 2, 2017). [ Sen. Jeff Flake Regrets Voting Against Wall Street Bank Bailouts]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 2, 2017.</ref>
Even after [[liberal]] Democrat [[Barack Obama]] left office in 2017, Flake continued to keep in touch with him.<ref>Chaitin, Daniel (March 3, 2018). [ Jeff Flake says he and Obama keep in touch]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved March 3, 2018.</ref>
===Illegal immigration===
Flake has been supportive of illegal immigration, along with foreign workers, and has favored them over American workers in numerous occasions in his political career.<ref>Binder, John (October 24, 2017). [ 15 Times Jeff Flake Represented Illegal Aliens, Foreign Workers Instead of Americans]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved October 24, 2017.</ref>
Flake grew up on a small family farm that employed illegal aliens. After immigration raids, Flake's parents rehired workers after they were deported and re-entered illegally, and they tried to stop the agents from deporting their illegal employees in the first place. However, all of this happened before 1986, when hiring illegal aliens became illegal.<ref>Munro, Neil (August 7, 2017). [ Sen. Flake: ‘I’d … Divert the Border Patrol Away From our Workers’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 7, 2017.</ref>
Flake has criticized [[Donald Trump]] for his national conservative positions and praised [[Jeb Bush]] for his support for amnesty for illegal aliens.<ref>Lee, Tony (August 2, 2017). [ Jeff Flake Praises Jeb’s ‘Act of Love’ Remarks About Illegals]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 2, 2017.</ref>
Flake stated that the GOP should follow the Republican National Committee's autopsy report that was adopted after Mitt Romney's 2012 election defeat saying that the party must adopt pro-illegal immigration and amnesty positions, even after [[Donald Trump]] was elected after taking the opposite route.<ref>Lee, Tony (August 7, 2017). [ Jeff Flake: GOP Should Embrace Pro-Amnesty ‘Autopsy’ Report]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 8, 2017.</ref>
Flake did not comment favorably on President Trump's pardon of Sheriff [[Joe Arpaio]].<ref>Chaitin, Daniel (August 25, 2017). [ Jeff Flake not a fan of Trump's pardon of Joe Arpaio]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved August 25, 2017.</ref>
Some conservatives have given Flake the nickname of "Sanctuary Senator" for his liberal immigration policies.<ref>Moons, Michelle (July 17, 2017). [ ‘Sanctuary Senator’ Website Targets Jeff Flake’s Immigration Record]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved October 20, 2017.</ref>
===Legal immigration===
On August 2, 2017, Flake announced his opposition to the RAISE Act, which intends to reduce legal immigration levels and reform the U.S.'s immigration system to a merit-based system.<ref>Persons, Sally (August 3, 2017). [ Jeff Flake: Senate’s immigration proposal would be bad for the economy]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved August 8, 2017.</ref> As his reasoning, Flake's Senate office stated that "We need to make sure we are responsive to the needs of our economy and I’m concerned that drastic cuts to the number of immigrants fails to meet that goal."<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Flake Statement on RAISE Act|date=Aug 2, 2017|accessdate=August 8, 2018}}</ref>
===Gun control===
Flake supports raising the minimum age under federal law for buying rifles.<ref>Carney, Jordain (February 21, 2018). [ Flake backs bill increasing age for rifle purchases]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved February 21, 2018.</ref> In 2018, Flake partnered with [[liberal]] California Senator [[Dianne Feinstein]] to push for additional gun control on [[assault rifle]]s.<ref>Hawkins, Awr (March 1, 2018). [ Jeff Flake Partners with Dianne Feinstein for More ‘Assault Weapons’ Gun Control]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 1, 2018.</ref>
===Political endorsements===
In November 2017, Flake endorsed Democrat [[Doug Jones]], who takes very left-wing positions (even by national standards) on issues such as abortion, homosexuality, religious liberty, and gun control, over [[conservative]] Judge [[Roy Moore]] for Alabama Senator.<ref>Multiple references:
*Huston, Warner Todd (November 14, 2017). [ ‘Republican’ Senator Jeff Flake Would Vote for a Democrat Over Roy Moore]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved November 14, 2017.
*Thomsen, Jacqueline (November 13, 2017). [ Flake: I'll support the Democrat over Moore in Alabama Senate race]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved November 13, 2017.</ref> On December 5, 2017, Flake even wrote a check to the left-wing Democrat.<ref>Multiple references:
*Anapol, Avery (December 5, 2017). [ Flake donates $100 to Doug Jones campaign: 'Country over Party']. ''The Hill''. Retrieved December 5, 2017.
*Mason, Ian (December 5, 2017). [ ‘Country Over Party’: Republican Jeff Flake Cuts $100 Check to Radical Democrat Doug Jones]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved December 5, 2017.
*Chamberlain, Samuel (December 5, 2017). [ GOP Sen. Flake donates $100 to Dem Doug Jones in Alabama race: 'Country over party']. ''Fox News''. Retrieved December 5, 2017.</ref> Even [[Ben Sasse]], another opponent of Moore and "Never Trumper", noted that Flake's donation was "a bad idea" due to the Democrat's extreme positions on abortion.<ref>Multiple references:
*Samuels, Brett (December 5, 2017). [ GOP senator: Flake donation to Alabama Dem 'a bad idea']. ''The Hill''. Retrieved December 5, 2017.
*Leach, Katie (December 5, 2017). [ Ben Sasse: Jeff Flake's donation to Doug Jones is a 'bad idea']. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved December 5, 2017.</ref>
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