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Breitbart News

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 '''''''News''' is an up-to-the-minute a major [[conservative]] news source founded by [[Andrew Breitbart]]. Presently, it is a [[conservative media]] juggernaut providing breaking news stories that the [[mainstream media]] would suppress from the general public. Exposing [[liberal bias]] in media has proven profitable as Breitbart has created other successful news sites; ''Breitbart.TV'', ''BigGovernment'', ''BigJournalism'', ''BigHollywood'', and most recently ''BigPeace''. Breitbart is such a threat to the left that [[Media Matters]] constantly harasses them with misinformation campaigns. The Breitbart properties have provided some of the most ground-breaking news stories over the last several years and can be credited with taking down [[ACORN]] and exposing [[race baiting]] against the [[Tea Party movement]] by [[Democrat]] politicians. Per their website,
<blockquote>"Breitbart is currently serving about 20 million news pages per month to more than three million unique visitors. Many top bloggers rely on Breitbart as a primary news resource. Technorati puts in its Top 50, with more than 30,000 links from nearly 8,000 blogs."</blockquote>
In 2016, Breitbart News ranked 29th in overall internet traffic according to Alexa.<ref>Concha, Joe (June 6, 2017). [http Breitbart sees huge advertising drop in May: report]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 7, 2017.</ref> It played an influential role in the media and in the [[United States presidential election, 2016|2016 presidential election]].<ref>Bokhari, Allum (March 4, 2017). [http Study: Breitbart Dominated Right Wing Coverage, ‘Altered Media Agenda’ In 2016]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 8, 2017.</ref><ref>Benkler, Yochai; Faris, Robert; Roberts, Hal; Zuckerman, Ethan (March 3, 2017). [ Study: Breitbart-led right-wing media ecosystem altered broader media agenda]. ''Columbia Journalism Review''. Retrieved June 8, 2017.</ref><ref>Ingram, Mathew (March 6, 2017). [ How the Breitbart-Led Media Ecosystem Elected Donald Trump]. ''Fortune''. Retrieved June 8, 2017.</ref> Breitbart's London section became so influential that Damian Green, Prime Minister [[Theresa May]]'s deputy, called it out by name due to its criticism of the UK government for its failure at ensuring a clean [[Brexit]].<ref>[ Telegraph: UK Govt Panics, Slams Breitbart London as ‘Fake News’, ‘Dangerous’]. ''Breitbart News''. October 20, 2017. Retrieved October 20, 2017.</ref> [[Liberal]]s have claimed that Breitbart is an "[[alt-right]]" website and have tried to connect the site with [[White supremacy|white supremecists]] and [[neo-Nazis]]. However, Breitbart supports economic nationalism, which has nothing to do with race or ethnicity, and it is a strong supporter of [[Israel]] and conservative non-white politicians. In addition, a study conducted by Harvard and M.I.T. found that Breitbart does not represent any of those ideologies and that Breitbart readers actually were regular conservatives.<ref>Lee, Tony (August 16, 2017). [ Harvard/MIT Study: ‘Breitbart Is NOT Alt-Right’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 16, 2017.</ref> Unlike the [[mainstream media]], which claims to be unbiased and objective while actually promoting a left-wing point of view, Breitbart is transparent about the fact that it promotes conservative and nationalist views.<ref>Friedman, Victoria (August 20, 2017). [ WATCH: Kassam Tells Fox All Media Is a Weapon, Breitbart Is Just Honest About It]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 20, 2017.</ref> Despite being a conservative news outlet, it has taken certain liberal positions at times, such as firing an editor in June 2017 for posting Tweets in opposition to Islam and Islamic immigration.<ref>Chasmar, Jessica (June 5, 2017). [http Breitbart writer Katie McHugh fired over ‘Muslims’ tweet]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 7, 2017.</ref> Some liberal commentators have admitted that Breitbart is more influential than [[Fox News]].<ref>Lee, Tony (September 11, 2017). [ NBC’s John Heilemann: Breitbart ‘More Powerful Media Institution’ Than Fox News]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 19, 2017.</ref>
In its quest for ad revenue==Ownership and leadership==Until August 2016, Bannon was the executive chairman of Breitbart's overall web presentation is less than News,<ref name=own>{{cite news|url= friendly with its right hand column running click bait for stories about "wardrobe malfunction" -and photos of women wearing tight T-shirts imprinted with "not silicone." While its own content is conservativesusie-breitbart-donald-trump-media/|title=Breitbart reveals owners: CEO Larry Solov, the photos Mercer family and links served up by Susie Breitbart|date=February 25, 2017|accessdate=August 10, 2017}}</ref> though he briefly returned as its advertisers chief executive in 2017 and early 2018. The current owners are not: Larry Solov, founder Andrew Breitbart's widow, Susie Breitbart, and the Mercer family.Breitbart's family owns the largest stake.<ref name=own/>
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