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March for Science

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Blatantly false information. Perry and Pruitt have stated they believe the climate is changing, and that humans have *some* responsibility for it. The difference is that they don't believe it's all humans and that socialism is the solution.
The '''March for Science''', held on April 22, 2017, was a rebranding of the "[[Earth Day]]" demonstrations that have been held every year since 1970. The focus of Earth Day has been environmental issues since the beginning (before climate change became an issue), but this year's demonstration expanded to science in general, and was generally a demonstration against U.S. President [[Donald Trump]] policies related to science.<ref></ref>
In addition to protesting the Trump administration's policies relating to [[Climate change]] (most of the President's critical appointments in that regard consider it to be a hoax, as do most of the leadership of Conservapedia) the March for Science protested against the PresidentsPresident's other actions relating to scientific research. This includes steep cutbacks in government funding for basic research, and immigration policies that discourage getting the best scientists from other countries.
{{Cquote|Consider that in hospitals, every machine with an on/off switch that diagnoses your health without first cutting you open, is based on one or more principles of physics, discovered by physicists and chemists who had no specific interest in medicine. This includes the MRI, PET scans, CT Scans, EKGs, EEGs, ultrasound, and of course, good old fashioned X-rays. So if you defund one line of research in favor of another, you thwart the entire moving frontier of discovery.|||Neil deGrasse Tyson, April, 2017<ref></ref>}}
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