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:Conservapedia remains open to the public, as illustrated by your ability to create a new account and edit from it. Conservapedia continues to grow and reach more people. But new suggestions are always welcome too!--[[User:Aschlafly|Andy Schlafly]] ([[User talk:Aschlafly|talk]]) 16:28, 3 December 2015 (EST)
::I think one of the things that concerns me about this is a basic lack of professionalism in many of the articles (not pointing fingers to anyone). I am definitely against political correctness and such, but if we are going to claim to be as good as one of those traditional hard-back encyclopedias, we have a long way to go. I hate making criticisms like this, because we can all work to improve it. I'm just concerned that it doesn't seem to have changed much since 2007. I think this will scare many conservatives away from this site, even give conservatives a bad name. There also seems to be an overemphasis on the United States of America. I think in order to grow, we need to shed some of this unnecessary baggage that is holding the site back. --[[User:Ymmotrojam|Ymmotrojam]] ([[User talk:Ymmotrojam|talk]]) 16:51, 3 December 2015 (EST)