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Abortion Alternatives

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[[Optionline]] provides consultants that connects individuals to nearby pregnancy centers that offer the following services: free pregnancy tests and pregnancy information; Information about the risks of [[abortion]] and the morning after pill; medical services, including [[STD]] tests; early ultrasounds and pregnancy confirmation. In addition, some of these centers provide information regarding free housing to women who are facing housing concerns.<ref>[ OptionLine]. ''''.</ref>
The primary alternative to abortion is adoption. [[Liberty Godparent Foundation]] is a [[Christian]] organization focused on improving the lives of unwed pregnant teens, babies and adoptive families by providing two alternatives, The Liberty Godparent Maternity Home and Family Life Services Adoption Agency.<ref>[ Family Life Services]. ''''.</ref>. [[Catholic Social Services]] provides adoption assistance to people of all beliefs in addition to supporting families in need.
== Sources ==
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