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[[Image:Taser 468x342.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Policeman aiming a Taser Gun.]] The battery-powered device shoots an electrode, attached by a wire to a [[capacitor]], which delivers a powerful [[electric]] shock. The taser is used to subdue suspects who resist arrest, as well as for personal self-defense.
It is favored by people who want to subdue a suspect or assailant without killing him, but is opposed by some people and [[liberal]] groups (like [[Amnesty International]] and the [[ACLU]]). In rare cases, being shot with a taser has resulted in death. <ref>''The Trouble With Tasers - What The Manufacturer Doesn’t Want You To Know'' 7 March 2007 [ CrunchGear]. Accessed 5 January 2008.</ref> These deaths are often attributed to excited delirium, a [[heart]] condition, drug use or [[mental illness]]. This attribution has been controversial, because "excited delirium" is almost never diagnosed outside of police custody.<ref>[ Suspects' deaths blamed on 'excited delirium'] (Associated Press, Sept. 25, 2006)</ref>is almost never diagnosed outside of police custody.
[[YouTube]] has some videos of young men resisting arrest, getting tasered, and then claiming the police used excessive force or abused their authority.
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==External Linkslinks==
*[http,2933,320385,00.html Forget Tupperware: Taser Parties Are the New Craze], [[Associated Press]], [[Fox News Channel|Fox News]], January 4, 2008*[http UCLA student without ID refuses to leave the library at night]*[http Video of student Tasered for resisting arrest at Kerry forum]
**[ Michelle Malkin blog entries] show that the student had rushed toward the stage and cut in line to ask his question, his mike was cut off when he said a dirty word, etc.
*[http Speedin Ticket Taser ] - The officer orders the man to put his hands behind his back, and pulls out a taser. The man refuses, says, "What the heck is wrong with you?", and then walks away while reaching toward his pocket.
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