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::I sure have. My use of the phrase '''<big>no true scientist</big>''' was intentional. I expected you to pick up on that, and I'm glad you did. "No true Scotsman" is a humorous example (look up its origin) of the fallacy also humorously described as "moving the goalposts". I didn't move any goalposts, and I stand by my statement. I know of no person who follows the scientific method of dispassionately and objectively analyzing observations and drawing conclusions, who allows religious sensibilities to interfere with that process.
:::One might wager a decent sum of money that it has never occurred to [Sam] that to many people he appears as a comic figure. His default mode is one of rational indignation—a stance of withering patrician disdain for the untutored mind of a kind one might expect in a schoolmaster in a minor public school sometime in the 1930s. He seems to have no suspicion that any of those he despises could find his stilted pose of indignant rationality merely laughable.... Transfixed in wonderment at the workings of his own mind, [Sam] misses much that is of importance in [moons].[[User:VargasMilan|VargasMilan]] 00:07, 11 October 2014 (EDT)
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