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Galba ( ca. 3 B.C. - A.D. 69),became the Emperor of Rome at age 71 or 73 in the year 68 through the first 2 weeks of 69 A.D. after Nero was killed. The legate of Spain, his legions declared him the emperor and the Praetorian guard and senate soon recognized him as emperor as well. His position was never stable, however, as other men also claimed the throne almost immediately and all of the legions didn't swear their allegiance. He brought about his own downfall by taking principle over political expediency. The Praetorians were promised a bribe by Galba's 'friend' Otho for supporting Galba's claim to the throne. Galba, when he arrived in Rome and found out about the deal, refused to pay, believing that soldiers should serve because they are soldiers. The Praetorian guard shifted their support to Otho who then had Galba murdered. Galba only ruled for a few months before his death. See Year of the four Emperors.