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The actress and activist Rose McGowen, who was in an actual cult as a child/young person, recently said Democrats are in a deep cult: Rose McGowan says Democrats are in a deep cult and Rose McGowan responds to backlash

12 signs American politics is becoming more cultlike

Barack Obama was seen as a messianic-like figure among many Democrats and he won a Nobel Peace Prize very early in his presidency without doing anything to earn it.

1. Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump had/have cult of personality like followings.

Obama was seen as a messianic-like figure among many Democrats and he won a Nobel Peace Prize very early in his presidency without doing anything to earn it.

Donald Trump famously said his supporters are very loyal and that he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue in New York City and shoot someone and not lose any voters.[1] There were Trump is going to be reelected "prophecies". Sid Roth, an evangelical ministry leader, said God appeared to be telling him that the 2016 U.S. presidential election is going to be overturned due to election fraud (Regardless of whether or not Joe Biden was elected due to election fraud, Joe Biden's presidency is now a fait accompli and it is now unlikely to be overturned due to election fraud).

2. Cult leaders often sexually exploit their followers.

Bill Clinton sexually exploited his intern Monica Lewinski. Bill Clinton spent time on Jeffrey Epstein's "orgy island". Tara Reade provided credible evidence that Joe Biden sexually exploited her and multiple women said Biden inappropriately touched them (see: Creepy Uncle Joe). Andrew Cuomo was a rising star in the Democratic Party and a presidential hopeful, but now faces sexual harassment charges from multiple women. The sexual abuser/trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was very politically active/connected.[2] Matt Gaetz is now embroiled in sexual scandal charges that appear damaging.

3. In cults, the leader is above the law. Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon (Cynics say the Democrats/Republicans are a two-headed, one-party system). Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were not punished for their pay-to-play activities with the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton's email scandal, etc. Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are not being punished for their for pay-to-play activities. Twitter suppressed the New York Post story about Hunter Biden's laptop.

4. Cults penalize people for leaving. There are reports of people leaving the Democrat Party and losing friends (African-Americans losing friends for becoming Republicans, etc.). People losing friends or family relationships during Thanksgiving dinners due to political discussions. Liberals/leftists are especially known for shunning people due to their political beliefs (see: Liberals and friendship).

5. Cults indoctrinate and discourage critical thinking. News organizations are more partisan today and there are now 24-hour news channels. An aunt of mine watched CNN all day (or a large party of her day) during her retirement and an uncle of mine did the same with Fox News. That is a lot of potential ideological brainwashing/indoctrination.

In 2020, Arthur C. Brooks wrote in The Atlantic: "A 2012 survey conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University asked a sample of Americans about their news consumption habits, and quizzed them about U.S. and international political and economic events. They found that those watching the most partisan television news sources—on both the left and the right—were often less knowledgeable about world events than those who consumed no news at all."[3]

Political discussions are now getting a lot more heated than in the past. Many times when people become excessively emotional, they turn off critical thinking.

Schools tend to culturally/politically/ideologically indoctrinate students. Despite factory jobs disappearing and automation/AI causing people to lose their jobs, there is not a bigger emphasis on teaching students critical thinking skills, logic, etc.

American public schools and public universities are indoctrinating students more so than they did in the past (see: Ideology in modern education and Professor values and Atheist indoctrination and Evolutionary indoctrination).

Leaders of cults often sexually exploit their followers.

The Washington Post calls Joe Biden "Creepy Uncle Joe" for his habit of groping wives and children.

Tara Reade credibly accused Joe Biden of sexual assault and numerous women have complained about Joe Biden touching them inappropriately.

Jewish columnist Dennis Prager has stated that a causal factor of atheism is the "secular indoctrination of a generation."[4] Prager stated that "From elementary school through graduate school, only one way of looking at the world – the secular – is presented. The typical individual in the Western world receives as secular an indoctrination as the typical European received a religious one in the Middle Ages."[5] Despite atheistic indoctrination in public schools in the United States, the United States remains very religious (see: Views on atheists). See also: Atheism and children and Atheism and critical thinking

In 2013, a study found that academia was less likely to hire evangelical Christians due to discriminatory attitudes.[6] See also: Atheism and intolerance

An American study found that forty-five percent of students achieved no significant improvement in their critical thinking, reasoning or writing skills during their first two years of college. After four years, 36 percent displayed no significant increases in these so-called "higher order" thinking skills.[7] Students, particularly those who made poor curriculum choices, are increasingly angry that college does not adequately prepare them for the marketplace and leaves them with a pile of debt.[8]

6. Dishonoring the family unit is a sign of being in a cult. After the Capital Building riot, people were reporting family and friends to the FBI.[9][10] Reuters ran the news story 'You are no longer my mother': A divided America will struggle to heal after Trump era. People didn't often disown their mothers in previous eras due to politics.

7. Cults engage in us vs. them and conspiratorial thinking. The political right has more conspiracy thinking than in the past (QAnon, etc.). The political left has cancel culture and Trump/Russian collusion fanaticism.

8. Cults are elitists and believe they have all the answers to life's problems. There is less bipartisanship between Democrats/Republicans now.

9. Cult members are fanatical.

On the left, they are trying to inject politics/ideology into everything (sports, work, etc.).

Some liberals/leftists experienced a large amount of mental distress/illness when Donald Trump was elected in 2016 (see: Secular leftists and psychogenic illness).

Some evangelical Christians, a key voting block of Donald Trump, are injecting politics more in church than in the past in some inappropriate ways (I am not for the Johnson Amendment). False prophecies concerning Trump were made, for example (which were alluded to above).

10. Cults are not financially transparent/accountable. Cults are often preoccupied with money. The American federal government and American local governments are ignoring/resisting Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. The American federal government and American local governments often do not have zero-based budgeting and it is common for governments to run deficits. Both Republicans/Democrats overspend, but on different priorities. Excessive devotion to fundraising and politically cashing in during/after holding a political office is common now in American politics.

11. Cults are more apt to have leaders that are charismatic leaders. Television/video has increased the power of charismatic political leaders. Abraham Lincoln, who was not a handsome man, would have a hard time getting elected today.

12. The end justifies the means in cults (see: Machiavellianism). The Democrat's farcical and failed attempts to remove Donald Trump from office and the Biden Administration's seizing of Rudy Guiliani's electronic devices is shameful (Rudy Gulliani served as Donald Trump's attorney).

RationalWiki's temporary obscuring of this information at their website

The website Marketwatch reported concerning the aftermath of the 2016 presidential race: Donald Trump’s win is causing a surge in demand for mental health services.[11]

See also: RationalWiki admits it has a weirdo, pansie infestation

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I posted some this information at their website and some RationalWikians obscured it. Apparently, the information in this essay hit a little too close to home to some left-wing, atheist ideologues. Cults often attract the disenfranchised, misfits and social outcasts and unfortunately for RationalWikians, RationalWiki has admitted they have a weirdo, pansie infestation (RationalWiki admits it has a weirdo, pansie infestation). See also: Atheism and social outcasts and Atheism and social/interpersonal intelligence

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