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Ruby R

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  • US Navy Veteran (1984-1990)
  • American Legionnaire
  • Roman Catholic Christian

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1. A House bill condemning the House of Representatives would probably pass because no one reads them before they vote.

2. If you think health care is expensive now, wait till it's free.

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3. When you are a carpenter, every problem is solved with a hammer. When you are liberal, every crisis is solved with more socialism.

4. What do you call twelve Democrats wandering around in a Chicago cemetery? A "get-out-the-vote" rally!

5. Communism never vanished with the end of the Cold War, it just moved over here.

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6. The Bill of Rights goes too far -- it should have stopped at "Congress shall make no law."

7. Ronald Wilson Reagan told us stories. Barack Hussein Obama tells us lies. Ronald Wilson Reagan left a mark in this world. Barack Hussein Obama will leave a stain.

8. Armed Americans are citizens, unarmed Americans are subjects.

9. Scientific name for Democrats: Taxandspendus liberalus.

10. Having Democrats control both Houses and the Oval Office is like having three wolves and a sheep vote on what's for dinner.

11. By staying at the rear of the advance in the war against radicalized Islam, Obama is now in the ideal position to lead the retreat

12. What is the difference between a smart liberal and Bigfoot? Bigfoot has been spotted


13. Democratic puppies? No, Republican. Their eyes are open!

14. Obama's master health care plan CD-ROMs were found to have a virus.

15. Christians want to serve God. Barack Obama wants to serve God as well, but only as an adviser.

16. Light travels faster than sound. This is why liberals appear bright until you hear them speak.

17. The biggest traffic problem in Obama's ideal future America will be the cars cluttering the sidewalks.

18. Forget Gun Control, I Want *CRIMINAL CONTROL*

19. Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Hussein, Mao, Ahmedinejad, Obama,...These experts all agree: gun control works!

20. To deter crime, place a gun nut behind every dead bolt.

21. Gun Control is being able to put 2 bullets through the same hole. Body Piercing by Colt.

22. Welcome to the USA, here is your first payment

23. Trial lawyers didn't buy the Democratic party because they wanted to help poor and sick people, the bought it because it was for sale

24. Democrats love the Indianapolis 500. It's a competition to see who can drive fastest while constantly turning left.

25. Capitalism is the unequal production of wealth. Socialism is the equal distribution of poverty

26. Each moment is a gift from God; that's why it's called the PRESENT!

27. Freedom is not the right to do as you please, but the liberty to do as you ought.

28. If you believe it is noble to be a philanthropist with other people's money, you might be a liberal

29. If you say you hate slavery, but want total governmental control over each and every facet of American's lives, you might be a liberal

30. If your commune smells like a garbage dump because of your commitment to recycling, you might be a liberal

31. If you think "rebuttal" is pronounced "racism" you might be a liberal

32. Conservatives are Right-Wing, Liberals are Wrong-Wing.

33. What's got Jimmy Carter grinning so much these days? He knows he won't go down in the history books as the worst American President. #tcot

34. Rats prefer communism because most of the time they run out of rat poison.

35. Conservatives have been accused of kicking black families out of public housing. Guilty as charged. Jan 20, 2013 I want the Obamas OUT

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