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I'm an American living in Canada (most of the time), and I also am an admin on Wikipedia. I'm here because my Wikipedia time consists mostly of...well, editor stuff, with a leavening of dealing with personal headaches. I just want to write some nice little articles about things. I have more than enough controversy at Wikipedia, so don't expect me to be editing any article where I expect a fight. (The debate pages make me slightly ill just to read.)

As a kid, I delighted in looking up random things in the encyclopedia, and I am genuinely thrilled to think that some kid might do that same thing here and find something I wrote.

I'm easily distracted, and tend to edit flightily. It doesn't help that I kill time while doing other work by watching Special:Recentchanges. If you see me suddenly show up out of nowhere, that's probably why.

I'm a dab hand with templates, having spent a lot of time editing them on Wikipedia. It's very cool to see Conservapedia's way of handling them, with an emphasis on good docs and readable code. It makes the security-minded part of me cringe just a little to see {{!}} used so much, but I get why it's used.

I know about as much about Canadian politics as American politics: not much, but a smattering to get by. (I still vote in the US with an absentee ballot.) Just know that if I refer to Conservatives with a capital C or Liberals with a captial L, I'm referring to the Canadian parties.

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