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Derogatory terms are terms used by one group in an attempt to demonize another group in a social and or political setting.

Common examples:

  • Bible-pounder, Bible-thumper
  • Creationism and creationist
  • Evolution and evolutionist
  • Politician
  • Pro-war
  • Conservative and conservatism
  • Liberal and liberalism
  • Hippie
  • Obamadrone or Obamabot
  • Celebutard
  • Environmentalist and environmentalism
  • Radical Feminist / Feminazi
  • Anti-choice
  • Fundamentalism and fundamentalists, or even just "fundie", which is always used only in a derogatory sense
  • Surrender monkey
  • Racist
  • True believer
  • Conspiracy theorist
  • Redneck, which is often applied poor rural white Southerners
  • Uncle Tom, reserved for black Republicans

Originally, most of these terms had legitimate uses, but were given negative connotations over time.

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